Thursday, January 21, 2021

Inauguration Fashion: Where Can I Get It?

Prada, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, Markarian, Chanel. I don't know about you, but I can't afford those labels. And without those labels, I can never dress like the women at yesterday's inauguration, right? WRONG! You may not be able to get the exact same look, but you can certainly find a reasonable facsimile, if not for cheap, then for at least more reasonable than the original designer version. 

Here are some more affordable and accessible versions of 2021 inaugural fashions for the rest of us.

Amanda Gorman's yellow coat, red satin headband, birdcage ring, and red spangled mask:

This pretty vivid yellow wool coat is accented with large black buttons down the back, front patch pockets with flaps, and a belt. 

This shorter version is double-breasted like the original, and features a flared silhouette, large black buttons, and black piping on the cuffs. 

A full circle hat (called a "church ring" hat, incidentally) is difficult to find; however, this padded red satin headband can be worn in a traditional style across the top of the head, or tiara-style like Ms. Gorman.

This is the closest version I could find to Gorman's original ring, which is not cheap at $480. But it is lovely.

This version isn't quite as...well, posh, but it is 3-dimensional, gets the point across, and is certainly much more affordable. 

Dozens of crystals bring the bling to this 2-layer cotton mask with adjustable earstraps.

Hillary Clinton's purple pantsuit, scarf, and brown wool coat:

This vivid purple, double-breasted suit jacket with cropped sleeves and shawl collar paired with straight-legged pants can give you that politically polished look.

Add this pretty knitted ruffle scarf to your suit and you're both professional and feminine.

$53.51 from Wish
This wool blend coat with cashmere collar is available in rich, dark brown or elegant eggplant. Its classic A-line silhouette can be as professional or relaxed, as formal or casual as you need. 
Jill Biden's spectacular blue tweed coat:

$50 from Poshmark
While not quite as spectacular as the original, this lovely long blue tweed coat features pale aqua piping around the lapels, pocket flaps, and cuffs. 

If that hint of sparkle is what caught your eye, this darker blue coat with pearl beading and buttons might be a good (if a bit pricier) alternative for you. 

JLo's iridescent white harem pants, sheer ruffle-front blouse, and white dress coat:

$15.98 from White House Black Market
These softly-draping knit pants have a beautiful shine and an elegant fullness.

$72.00 from Club L London USA
For true JLo bling, go for these crisper iridescent sequined pants instead.

This sheer white blouse with ruffled cuffs and jabot adds texture with its dotted Swiss fabric.

$13.41 from Yes Style
For less sheer and more ruffle, opt for this high-necked ruffle-front satin blouse instead.
This simple fit-and-flare white wool coat is simply timeless and will flatter any figure.

If you prefer a straighter, more classic A-line silhouette, this option is another elegant style. 

Kamala Harris' cobalt-blue coat and pearl necklace:

$149.99 from Chadwick's
This classic wool trench is a bit darker than the original, but just as tailored and elegant.

This version is brighter and a bit shorter, but still with the classic A-line cut. 

Pearls separated by links of chains; just a little different from a traditional plain strand of pearls.

Michelle Obama's plum turtleneck sweater, wide-legged trousers, belt, and overcoat:

$128 from Jennie Liu
This classic soft cashmere sweater can pair with nearly anything, from jeans to formalwear.

$53.40 from Bloomingdale's
More classic cashmere, but with a slightly nubbly texture and a softer turtleneck collar. 
These high-waisted, wide-legged pants are nicely fitted at the waist for a smooth fit.

$55 from ChicStar
This fuller, softer version has more movement and less crispness for a softer, more feminine look.
This extra-wide belt features a round brass buckle.

$9.99 from Chanelia
Simple wide leather belt with a simple round buckle embellished with rhinestones.

$44.95 from Berrylook
Classic belted wool A-line coat with wide lapels.

$126.95 from Milanoo
Another classic silhouette with notched collar and squared shoulders.

Oh - and one final link, because I know you're all dying for this one (but you're on your own to knit the mittens): $369 from LL Bean

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