Thursday, May 6, 2010

Morning People

I’m not much of a morning person. I never have been. Well, possibly when I was six and there were cartoons on Saturday morning at 5am, but I’d consider that the exception that proves the rule. The reality is that I take some time to move from fully asleep to fully awake and vice versa. And when I do get up, there are several minutes of grogginess to wade through before I’m either coherent or happy.

Ryan, however, is definitely a morning person. He may wake up from naps a bit cranky or disoriented, but he very rarely wakes up in the morning without a smile on his face. Herb and I are getting very used to listening to his happy morning babbling for half an hour or so before he starts making “I’m bored, come get me” noises. If I tiptoe in to peek at him then, he’s happily looking around his crib, playing with his toys and stuffed animals, or simply enjoying listening to his own cooing and laughing. Even after he gets tired of that and fusses for someone to come get him, he greets us with a big grin. He’s just plain cheerful in the morning.

He’s always been pretty laid-back and un-fussy, but at this stage it’s really becoming personality as much as temperament. I hope that he keeps his sunny outlook as he gets older, particular his happy morning attitude. A cheerful, positive outlook on life makes life’s difficulties much easier to take. A natural attitude of looking for the silver lining will get him far in life, and keep him from being easily discouraged. Besides, it makes it much easier for me to be cheerful in the morning when I wake up to that adorable grin!

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