Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Photo-A-Day

A friend of mine has been doing a monthly photo-a-day challenge, and she recently posted the list of photos for June. I decided to take on that challenge and make it a part of my blog. Each day, I’ll post a photo I’ve taken for that day’s assignment, and then my blog entry will explain what that particular photo means to me. I plan on letting the spirit move me each day to some degree, but I’ve also looked ahead at thielist and thought about a few ideas of what I might use to represent each concept. Here’s the list, along with some of my ideas. I look forward to looking back at the end of the month to see how close my final results are to my initial ideas!

1.      Morning: Depending on what time the kids wake up, it might be a photo of the sunrise, or my coffee cup, or a sleeping child, or a rumpled bed.
2.      Empty: This could be anything from the gas gauge of my car, to a clean plate, to (once again) my coffee cup.
3.      On Your Plate: I try to be creative with making lunches for my son, so there’s a pretty good chance this one will be some food item in the shape of a gingerbread man: peanut butter sandwich man, toast man, sliced turkey man, pancake man, scrambled egg man.
4.      Close-Up: If something pretty is blooming in my garden, it could be a flower or an herb. Or maybe a zoom into fuzzy baby hair. Whichever one is sitting still long enough for a close-up.
5.      Sign: This will be a good one to recruit some help from my son. He loves pointing out road signs, so we might just have to go for a walk until we find a good one. Unless the local Catholic church posts something witty on their signboard, in which case they’ll definitely win.
6.      Hat: Everyone in the family has at least one great hat, so it might depend on who’s posing most nicely that day. Although since my son has a collection of toy hats (a hard hat, a policeman’s helmet, a fireman’s helmet, etc.), there’s a good chance it will involve one of those hats instead.
7.      Drink: My husband is an awesomely creative bartender and will be recruited to assist with this one. It might take several drink options to get the right photogenic result. And it’s wrong to waste alcohol, so I’ll have to drink all the rejects. Let’s just admit right now that this photo is not real likely to be in focus.
8.      Six O’Clock: If we assume PM, I’ll be at the end of a long day and will probably have locked both kids into their high chairs for supper just as Daddy gets home, so Photo #8 may be very similar to Photo #7.
9.      Your View Today: On June 9th, we will be attending my brother-in-law’s graduation from War College. No doubt my view will include a number of men wearing military dress uniforms. Yep, nice view.
10.   Best Bit of Your Weekend: On June 10th, we will be visiting the husband and daughter of a dear college friend of mine who passed away recently. I suspect this photo will be a bit bittersweet.
11.   Door: Coming home after a weekend away, my front door will be a beautiful and welcoming sight!
12.   From a Low Angle: I have small children. A large part of my life is spent looking up from the floor. The possibilities here are endless. And probably all include dust bunnies.
13.   Art: I have a few favorite pieces of art in my house, including a soapstone sculpture of a pair of dancers and several hand-blown glass vases. We’ll see which piece inspires me on June 13th!
14.   Time: I will probably be at Dartmouth College on June 14th, and I know there’s a clock tower somewhere on campus. I love clock towers. I wonder if I can bribe someone into letting me climb inside and take a photo of the interior workings?
15.   Yellow: Will the golden day lilies still be blooming at Dartmouth? Will I spy a goldfinch on a bird feeder? Will a yellow sticky note on my husband’s notebook catch my eye? This is one I’ll just have to wait to see what I see on that day.
16.   Out and About: Going “out and about” with two kids is always an adventure. Could be as mundane as Costco or the grocery store or as cool as the local water park or playground.
17.   In Your Bag: My handbag tends to contain things like emergency diapers, baby rattles, snack-size bags of raisins or Teddy Grahams, and used Kleenex. Be very afraid.
18.   Something We Don’t Know About You: Now, if I told you about this one in advance, you wouldn’t not know about it any more, would you?
19.   Imperfect: This category is much too broad to choose in advance. Most of the things in my life are imperfect. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Perfect is boring.
20.   Fave Photo You’ve Ever Taken: Since my husband is almost always the family photographer, there aren’t a lot of recent photos that I’ve taken myself. But I do have a fairly hilarious one of my daughter sticking her tongue out that might just have to be the winner.
21.   Where You Slept: It will definitely be a bed. It will very likely not be made.
22.   From a High Angle: My kitchen window has a nice view over the back yard. I wonder what interesting thing might be going on in my back yard that day? Come to think of it, since the neighbors took that big tree down, I have a nice view of a lot of people’s back yards. I wonder what interesting thing might be going on in THEIR back yards that day?
23.   Movement: I have a 2-1/2 year old son. ‘Nough said.
24.   On Your Mind: I don’t know, because whatever it is isn’t on my mind yet.
25.   Something Cute. I have a 10-month old daughter as well as a 2-1/2 year old son. They’ll be duking it out for the cuteness award. Come to think of it, my husband's pretty cute, too. Might be a three-way tie.
26.   Where You Shop. I live at the grocery store. The one place I always have to go in the grocery store is to the lobster tank. (I mentioned that I have a 2-1/2 year old son, right?)
27.   Bathroom: Creepy Elmo faucet cover. Absolutely has to be the creepy Elmo faucet cover.
28.   On the Shelf: This one has a lot of possibilities – will it be clothes, books, cans of soup, detergent bottles, show T-shirts, liqour bottles, miscellaneous tchotchkes?
29.   Soft: My daughter’s crib is full of soft stuffed animals, but then my daughter herself has the softest skin in the world. It might depend on which of them is willing to stay still for a photo op.
30.   A Friend: I think this is another one that I’ll wait to reveal. Who knows – it might be you!

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