Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Firsts: Parenthood Edition

When I got married, I thought about all the “firsts” I’d never experience again: I’d had my last first date, my last first kiss, my last first “I love you.” There was plenty of sweet in the bittersweet, though, because I knew there were many other wonderful firsts still to come: the first time being introduced as “my wife,” the first telemarketing call asking for “Mrs. Philpott,” the first wedding anniversary. But there turned out to be so many more firsts that I hadn’t thought about or expected: the first time going to someone else’s wedding as a married couple, the first camping trip together, the first family reunion as part of the family.

When I had my son, there were plenty more firsts: the first positive pregnancy test, the first time I felt him move, the first labor pains, the first cry, the first time rolling over, the first steps, the first word. And, much like when I got married, when my daughter was born, I had bittersweet feelings about all the last firsts I was experiencing. But again, much like marriage, children bring constant firsts to look forward to, some expected and some unexpected.

I’m still waiting for the first day one of my kids wears underwear instead of diapers. The first day of school. THEIR first date. THEIR first kiss. Their first time driving. Their first job. Their first college acceptance letter. Those are all expected firsts. I can only imagine the unexpected firsts they might encounter. Their first lesson on a musical instrument. Their first time riding a horse. Or a skateboard. Or a motorcycle. Their first bee sting. Their first time eating oysters. Their first performance on stage.

There may be only one first time for everything. But oh, how many wonderful everythings are still to come!

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