Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Daddy is Special

For Father’s Day this year, I helped my son make a card for Daddy. Inside it, I tucked a piece of paper with my son’s answers to the question, “Why is Daddy great?” These were his answers, verbatim, with no coaching from me.

He helps me pick out my clothes.
He plays with me when he’s done with his work.
He helps me clean up my room.
He watches me when we’re playing at the playground.
He kinds of wants to teach me a few swimming lessons.
I like it when we go swim in the pool.
He always lets me play games on his computer.
What I love most about his answers is their simplicity. As much as my son appreciates it when Daddy buys him a toy or takes him on a special vacation to Disney World, what sticks out in his mind is when Daddy spends time with him and when Daddy teaches him things.
I worry sometimes that my kids will take the “things” we have for granted: a closet full of clothes; a big, comfortable house; the ability to take trips; a playroom full of toys; a car with a DVD player; even a Mom who stays home with them all day. But the happiest part of their day isn’t diving into the toybox, putting on a cool new shirt, or watching their favorite movie. The squeals of excitement and happiness come when they hear Daddy’s footsteps on the stairs when he comes home from work. What makes them happiest is DADDY playing with them, DADDY spending time with them, DADDY teaching them to do something new. That’s special, because DADDY is special.
Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful Daddy I know!

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