Saturday, August 3, 2013

You Raise Me Up

It must be very frustrating to be a small child trapped in a world of knees and pants legs (and, let’s be honest, crotches and butts), never being able to see the interesting stuff that everyone is looking at.
Fortunately, a pair of adult shoulders makes a good perch, so giving Mom or Dad or Grandpa or Uncle Jim a puppy dog face will usually result in getting the best view in the house.
If one of the worst parts of childhood is being short, one of the best is being small enough to be lifted and tossed around by the adults in your life. It’s like having your own personal amusement park every time you can convince someone to pick you up. They’ll put you on their shoulders, they’ll swing you around like an airplane, they’ll throw you in the pool, they’ll let you dive off their knees, they’ll swing you back and forth like a pendulum. They’ll give you a sense of freedom like you’ve never experienced before – and like you’ll never quite be able to reclaim as an adult. It’s as close to flying like a bird as you’ll get any time in your life. And it’s as close to having perfect trust in another human being as you’ll get any time in your life.
And THAT’S flying high!
(Note: This is not my child. My husband knows my neuroses well enough to not capture a moment like this on film.)

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