Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh, Stuff It!!

Growing up, my favorite part of Christmas was opening my stocking. My mom was the world’s best stocking stuffer. Every year, my sister and I would get some kind of funny desk toy, cool band-aids, a CD or cassette (yes, I’m that old), a bunch of cheap earrings, gourmet hot chocolate or tea, a new toothbrush and our preferred brand of toothpaste, funny socks, crossword puzzle books, and an assortment of other random things that she collected over the course of the entire year. Although I can only aspire to my mom’s stocking greatness, I do have ten good suggestions for cool and unusual stocking stuffers for recipients of all ages – and all under 20 bucks.

Handmade Flavored Marshmallows

For a mere $7.95, you can get a whole box of handmade marshmallows in flavors like peppermint, bourbon, Guiness, s’mores, and more, from

Robotic Crab
This cute little robot will entertain and impress your office mates and your kids. It huddles quietly in dark places and scuttles away when the light is turned on; it scoots away from loud noises; it can even maneuver around obstacles thanks to sensors in its legs. And it can be yours (or someone else’s) for the bargain price of only $16.95, from

Funky Bottle Opener
The Drinking Buddy Bottle Opener adds a bit of whimsy to your bar or kitchen. And it has the added benefit of being made of shiny, festive chrome and will look adorable peeking out of the top of a stocking on Christmas morning. $10 from

I Mustache You to Close the Bag
At 4 bucks a pop, you can hardly NOT put these mustache chip clips in someone’s stocking. They’re funny AND practical; from

Connectable Drinking Straws

For only $9.99, you get two dozen clear straws in two lengths plus 20 various-shaped flexible connectors in your choice of colors. Who wouldn’t love seeing a collection of these in their Christmas stocking, whether they’ll be using them to drink chocolate milk or spiked eggnog? From

Magnetic Einstein Dress-up Doll

A modern version of the paper dolls you played with as a kid, Al comes with 28 different articles of clothing and accessories so you can dress up him in everything from a spacesuit to a tuxedo. $15 from

Bacon Band-Aids

Band-aids that look like bacon. Do I need to say more? Okay: “Free Toy Inside.” $7.94 from ‘Nough said.

Ninja Cookie Cutters
Ninjas are awesome. Cookies are awesome. Put them together and what have you got? A double dose of awesomeness from for $9.97.

Christmas Lollipops

A stocking isn’t a stocking without some special treats. This lollipop trio includes Santa, a penguin, and a reindeer with light-festooned antlers, each made of rice krispy treats and covered in rich chocolate frosting. They’re from so you know they’re worth every penny of that $19.95 price tag.

Oinking Pig Slingshot
Giving new meaning to the phrase, “When pigs fly,” you can send this bug-eyed piggy flying with a surprised “oink.” I’d recommend giving one to every member of the family, because doesn’t flying pig wars on Christmas morning sound like a blast? And for $6.23 from, you can afford a whole styful of oinking piggies.

And if these ideas don’t inspire you, try scoping around on the various tagged websites – these are only a few examples of the fun, creative, and inexpensive gifts that are out there!!

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