Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Best Things on a Hot Day

I was looking back over some old blog entries and stumbled across a list I'd written of the best things on a really cold day. Things like an oversized sweater that you can pull your hands and nose inside of, or a mug of hot cocoa with melty marshmallows. So I decided, on this very HOT day, to come up with a similar list of wonderful things about a really hot day.

Running through the sprinkler.

An ice cold glass of milk.

Opening the refrigerator door and just standing there for a minute.


A long, cool shower.

Trying to stay ahead of the drips of your ice cream cone.

Humming into a fan.

Dunkin Donuts butter pecan iced coffee.

Jumping into the pool. Cannonbaaaaaallll!!!!

Going into an air-conditioned store (or restaurant, or mall, or house).

Splashing cold water on your face and wrists.

Squirting your friends (or even better, your siblings) with the hose.

Three words: Slip 'N Slide!!!!

There, the hot weather doesn't seem quite so bad any more, does it??

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