Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Star Trek: The Red Carpet Fashion That Never Was

This evening, my husband and I were watching an episode of Star Trek (the original series) in which Captain Kirk had an affair with a beautiful alien woman (of course). My husband commented that the alien’s costume had a lot in common with modern-day red carpet couture: a single sleeve, bare up one leg, 3-dimensional flower detailing, lots of skin showing, and a train of some kind. My comment was that I could see Lady Gaga recreating this look, complete with hair style, at some red carpet event or other.

Lady Gaga is obviously no stranger to alien couture.

There is actually quite a bit of alien fashion that appeared on the original series of Star Trek which would not look the least bit out of place if worn by a celebrity on a red carpet in 2015. For example:

This Middle-Eastern-inspired gown with its single shoulder; bared abdomen, leg, and hip; asymmetrical cut; vivid pink hue; long train falling from the shoulder could be pulled off by Halle Berry, who has worn similar looks with great success in the past.


This look features metallic colors, bared abdomen, long pleated train, gravity-defying halter, elaborate updo, and oversized diamond chandelier earrings. Shailene Woodley, with her rock-hard abs and mile-long legs, would look right at home in this gown.


This alien look is simple, consisting of a bi-colored, criss-cross bodice with bare arms and sides; spare on tailored details but showing off plenty of cleavage. Kate Hudson would look right at home in this spare but sultry look.


This dance-inspired costume is basically a purple and neon green-streaked leotard with long swaths of fabric trailing over each hip, accessorized with an odd arm cuff. This novel look could be pulled off by Emma Watson, who’s not afraid to be avant garde.


This exotic outfit, with black leggings topped by an ethnic print halter and long drape, would look stunning on Lupita N’yongo.


All of the gowns worn by the titular women in “Mudd’s Women” would look perfectly at home on the red carpet. The beautifully structured pink gown, with its sturdy bodice and long slits up each leg would suit Christina Hendricks perfectly; the sparkly green sheath with angled hem and diagonal keyhole bodice would work beautifully on Jennifer Lawrence; and the vaguely hippie-inspired, fringed, lavender micro-minidress could be pulled off with aplomb by Katy Perry.


The multitude of peekaboo slits all over the fitted gown of this Orion slave girl, along with the brutally long green fingernails and exotic arm cuff wouldn’t work for just any star, but given some of the other outfits Heidi Klum has pulled off in the past, I can imagine her rocking the red carpet in this get-up (with or without the green body paint).

Grecian-inspired gowns are always popular on the red carpet, and the statuesque Taylor Swift has worked a Grecian-styled gown on many a red carpet. She would stun in the simple green gown adorned with only long drop earrings and a chain belt. 


And finally, this gown with its mixed metallics, asymmetry, and snug fit (without being overly revealing) would be the perfect gown for the lovely and always tastefully-dressed Jennifer Garner.

So tell me: Can you picture these gowns appearing on a contemporary red carpet? And are these the actresses you imagine wearing them?

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