Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photo of the Day: June 2016

Life sometimes has a way of running away with you, doesn't it? Mine has been running even faster than usual lately. I'm looking forward to wrapping up homeschooling in a few weeks, feeling relief over surviving a wonderful (but exhausting) week-long family vacation, and glad to have completed helping multiple theatre groups with costuming projects. But I've missed blogging. I've missed it horribly. I need some kind of incentive to get me blogging regularly again. And what do I do when I need an incentive to blog? I find the latest "Photo a Day" list! Here's the topic list for June, courtesy of the FatMumSlim blog:

1. Key
2. Treat
3. Purple
4. Reflection
5. On My To-Do List
6. Mistake
7. Cute
8. Where I Stood
9. Four Things
10. Partial
11. Me Time
12. Stairs
13. Begins with M
14. Pile
15. The Floor
16. Vibrant
17. My Name
18. Something Alive
19. No Filter
20. Water
21. Looking Up
22. Delicious
23. Far
24. Gold
25. I Shop Here
26. Handwritten
27. Loud
28. Quiet
29. Sunshine
30. Stripes

I hope that my readers have missed reading my blog as much as I've missed writing it, and I look forward to getting (virtually) back together with all of you this month! Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy the next month of photos!

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