Tuesday, April 4, 2017

In Your Easter Bonnet

I love hats. I wish I could get away with wearing a hat every day. I wear a hat any time I get a chance. Like on Derby Day.

Or to a Roaring 20s party. 

But most especially, on Easter. 

If there is any woman who only wears a hat once a year, I can almost guarantee you that the one time she wears a hat will be on Easter Sunday. 

But where does one go to buy a dressy hat these days? Well, you might be lucky enough to find a local hat store in your area, or you might have some luck at a chain store like T.J. Maxx or Target or Macy's that carries a small selection of dressy hats, particularly around Easter. But if you can't find a hat you love at a brick-and-mortar store, you still have time for some online shopping. Here are a few links to some marvelous hats that will look absolutely stunning on you on Easter (or any other time) - in just about any price range.

Under $20
Most nice women's dress hats are pretty pricy, but you can certainly find some pretty but less durable hats that will be fine for once-a-year wear for very low prices. 

This pretty, lightweight double-brimmed hat is ornamented with a large flower. Available in blue, pink (which looks more like purple), and light brown, it's only $12 from Light in the Box. 

If you like the general style of the previous hat but prefer something a bit more substantial, this watermelon linen version features a gently ruffled brim and a long bow. $17 from Barkin' at a Knot. 

You'll hardly even notice you're wearing this white, lightweight organza hat with long, graceful trailing bow. $19 from Twinkle Deals. 

This vivid purple organza hat features a deep, curved brim and tall crown, and is trimmed with a huge flower. $15 from Amazon. 

I just adore this pert, polka-dot straw boater, with its black ribbon hatband and hint of netting peeking out just past the edge of the brim. It's a steal at $7 from DressLily. 

In this price range, you can find plenty of really good quality hats in dozens of fabrics and materials, and in every style under the sun. 

You can break out the white at Easter, and this feminine ruffly white organza concoction would be lovely with white or any delicate shade of spring pastels. $27 from JJ's House. 

If you like hints of vintage styling, try this retro satin ribbon-trimmed cloche with feather and bow accents. Available in blush and grey, it's $34 for grey or $48 for blush at Macy's. 

Is a casual look is more your style? This straw cloche is trimmed with a narrow sage ribbon and matching cascade of sage-green burlap flowers. $45 from ModCloth.

Perhaps you prefer a more substantial hat. This deep purple wool hat with upturned brim is embellished with a cluster of silk roses, a wide velvet hatband, and a few feathers. $48 from DressLily.

Another slightly retro style, this low-crown tan and black picture hat features a delicate net veil, satin flowers, and feather decorations. $27 from Poshmark.

In this price range, you can expect not only really sturdy construction, but all kinds of fancy embellishments and subtle, elegant detailing.

This frothy, pink and white picture hat is embellished with a long, curly ribbon encircling the wide brim, and a pouf of white feathers tucked in with the multi-looped bow. Available in feminine pink and white or dramatic black and white, $79 each at Nordstrom.

Fantastical without being completely outrageous, this lavender "ribboniere" hat features an unusual raised brim and multiple looped ribbons trimmed with rhinestones radiating out from a large glittery brooch. A real bargain at $80 from Especially Yours.

This vivid red wide-brimmed, low-crown, upturned hat, embellished only with an intricate bowknot, makes a statement with its striking simplicity. $54 from JJ's House.

Another striking but understated look, this white and gold satin ribbon hat is trimmed with a flat looped braid and a large gold and rhinestone brooch. $65 from Overstock.

Perfect to pop over an updo hairstyle, this yellow and black angle-brimmed straw hat features a striped brim and elaborate mesh and ribbon petals studded with rhinestones. $60 from Divine Fashion.

Over $100
Once you pass the hundred-dollar mark, hats become bigger, glitzier, and each one more unusual than the last. These are truly one of a kind creations!

It doesn't get any more elegant than this striking midnight blue spectator hat with half-upturned brim and feather cluster. $248 from Salmagundi.

Outrageous but still soft and feminine, this purple satin flower hat is accented with mesh looped bows, small rhinestones, and a large rhinestone brooch. $120 from JC Penney.

These wrapped toques in shades of blue and rust are different but subtle, lying close to the head and with the ombre colors the only needed embellishment. $228 from Salmagundi.

This dramatic high-crowned hat features a hugely oversized, multi-looped bow trimmed with rhinestone ribbon and matching hatband. $140 from Especially Yours.

This scrumptious woven hat with upturned brim is trimmed with purple and deep rose satin flowers and the brim is edged with coordinating satin ribbon. $520 from Hats in the Belfry.

So go ahead and get shopping - and hats off to you!

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