Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

We've all seen siblings playing together, and it's always adorable (at least, until the scratching, biting, and hair-pulling starts). Two little kids sitting side by side, sharing toys and genes. It's heart-melting. But you know what's even cuter? When the siblings are years apart in age, no toys in common, no hand-me-down clothes passed from one to the other - but still having a grand old time playing together.

Go-Kart racing!

Graduation party!

Hanging out by the Jacuzzi!

Poolside kisses (and hair grabbing)!

Rosemary adores her little brother, and as you can see by these photos, the feeling is clearly mutual. He gazes into her face in rapt attention - is he comparing her features to his own? He twines her hair around his fingers - is he noticing the similar color? He chortles when she tickles him - is he amazed that she knows the exact "family tickle spots"?

Ryan is a very social baby, and loves attention from anyone at all. And Rosemary is great with babies and little children, and is very good at entertaining them. But there's something very special about the two of them playing together that goes beyond the usual gregariousness. It's just that they're brother and sister. And it doesn't get any more special than that.

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