Monday, July 12, 2010

The Life of the Party

Every year some dear friends of ours host a fabulous Bastille Day party. That’s right, Bastille Day. Don’t you go to a Bastille Day party every year? OK, so you probably don’t. Very few people do. Apparently this party began a number of years ago when the host had a new co-worker who was French, and in an attempt to make him feel at home, they decided to throw a Bastille Day party. It was a big hit, so even though the co-worker left shortly thereafter, they decided to continue the tradition, and over the years it has grown into quite the event. There’s great music, tons of food, lots of fun people, and of course, a guillotine in the front yard. And Marie Antoinette herself is always in attendance.

(Before and after, of course)

This was Ryan’s first Bastille Day party (on the outside, anyway), and many of the guests hadn’t met him yet – although, as many people commented, they all felt like they’d known him forever because of all the photos we post on Facebook and in my blog. Fortunately, Ryan is still in his very social phase and was happy to be passed around from person to person, checking out this person’s jewelry or that person’s beverage or another person’s sunglasses or napkin or plastic dinosaur or Batman action figure.

He “helped” Daddy and Uncle Ed (aka “Dog Boy” and “Burger Boy”) man the grills.

He spent quite a bit of time playing with new buddy Ephraim (who is a year older, about an inch taller, and 5 pounds lighter), who was a good enough sport to share the above-mentioned dinosaur and Batman, and Ryan was happy to share his stacking rings and jingle ball.

He got serenaded by an impromptu bowl-and-spoon band, and later tried out his own mad drum skillz on a conveniently placed lawn chair.

Naturally, after such a long day of socializing and playing, he needed a snack and a nap. And yes, both took place in the middle of the loud, chaotic party. Proof positive that when he finally gives in to the power of the nap, he can do it absolutely anywhere.

Mom took advantage of the nap for a photo op or two of her own.

All in all, it was a wonderful day full of making new friends, catching up with old ones, and just generally enjoying ourselves. We’re already looking forward to next year’s party!

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