Monday, July 9, 2012

Midnight at the Oasis, or, When the Children Are Asleep

When the children are asleep we sit and dream,
The things that every other dad and mother dream.
When the children are asleep and lights are low,
If I still love you the way I love you today,
You'll pardon my sayin', I told you so...
When the children are asleep, I'll dream with you
We'll think what fun we have had and be glad
That it's all came true.

These are the lyrics to a lovely song from the musical “Carousel.” I love it because it’s a reminder that no matter how many children you have or how long you’ve been a parent, sometimes you need to take a break and be husband and wife again for a bit – even if your conversation is still mainly about your children. And that’s what my husband and I did last night.

We had spent a wonderful day playing and swimming in the pool with the kids, and once we got both kids fed, tubbied, and tucked snugly into bed, it was grownup time! A relaxed candlelit dinner with a nice bottle of wine to share, quiet chat uninterrupted by small demanding voices, and a midnight swim for dessert.
I love being a parent – I even love being a stay-at-home parent (well, most of the time). And I love playing with my kids, and talking to them, and listening to them. But there are times when I yearn for adult conversation, for more than 2 minutes of peace and quiet at a time, and for eating a meal without interrupting myself to feed someone else at the same time. So nights like this serve to rejuvenate and refresh me, and to give me strength for the ongoing battle. Nights like these are my oasis.

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