Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Blog by the Numbers

One of the nice features of hosting my blog on Blogger is that I have access to a lot of statistics about it. I can look up how many people have viewed my blog, how many have looked at any particular entry, how they got to my blog (Google search, Facebook link, directly from the blog homepage, etc.), what search term they used to find me, what countries my readers are located in, and on and on and on. And the specifics of those statistics might surprise you as much as they did me. So here is the data on my blog, by the numbers:

·        1:                   Times last week that my blog was accessed using a Nintendo 3DS; also how many people in Estonia read my blog today

·        2:                   People in Sweden reading my blog right this minute

·        4:                   Hits this month resulting from the search term “hairy feet”

·        6:                   People who accessed my blog this month using a Nintendo PSP

·        11:                 People who accessed my blog today using an iPad

·        13:                 People in Serbia who read my blog this month (based on the spate of weird comments I’ve been receiving of late, I suspect this number should actually be labeled, “Number of Serbian-based spambots trying to phish me this month”)

·        27:                 Percent of pageviews this week that used Internet Explorer

·        44:                 People in Russia who read my blog this week (probably also really another spambot statistic); also number of hits this month resulting from the search term “feller buncher”

·        45:                 Hits this week using an iPhone

·        122:               Total hits resulting from the search term “banana peel”

·        408:               Hits this week using a Windows operating system

·        417:               Hits this month using a Linux operating system

·        524:               Blog entries I've posted

·        2,508:           Total hits last month

·        5,307:           Total hits on my most popular blog entry (“The Things I Never Knew I’d Need to Know,” November 29, 2011)

·        10,554:         Times someone got to my blog via a link from Facebook

·        59,216:         Total number of hits on my blog

·        Priceless:      Knowing that there are people all over the world who are interested in what I have to say and who like the way I say it. Thank you to all my readers for your interest, your loyalty, and your feedback!

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