Friday, July 19, 2013

Keeping Your Cool

Today is the 6th day of over-90-degree temperatures here in the northeast. And many of us are starting to get a little desperate in our quest for some relief from the heat. So I did a little googling and came up with a bunch of ideas of how to keep your cool during this ongoing heat wave.
Ice is Nice
Most of us don’t have to wear a fur coat all summer long, but we could still benefit from this dog’s solution to the heat: ice, ice, baby.
Personal Protection
Wearing your own personal sunshade will keep you free from sunstroke, sunburn, and possibly social interactions. But at least you’ll be cool (literally if not figuratively).
Find a Friend with a Pool
Good fences make good neighbors, but good pools make better ones. Figure out which of your neighbors has the nicest pool and drop by with a casserole to say “Welcome to the neighborhood.” Even if you’ve both lived there for years.
Frozen Friends
Defrost your freezer and make a snowman. Give him a nice, big hug. When he melts, pull out the steaks you unearthed while defrosting and thaw them…creatively.
Take It All Off
If you’re brave, do it publicly (preferably in an appropriate venue, thanks). If you’re shy, your fenced-in backyard or your own living room with the shades drawn are also acceptable.
Water, Water Everywhere
Grab a hose, a bucket, a squirt gun – whatever source of water is handiest – and go to town. Take turns wetting down a friend, or keep it all to yourself. Just remember that wetter is better!
 And now if you’ll excuse me, I think my breakfast is ready.

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