Sunday, July 21, 2013

Men’s vs. Women’s Fashions: Summer Edition

Since time immemorial, women have complained about how much harder it is for a woman to dress for events than it is for a man. For a man, the dress code for nearly any kind of function, be it business or social, celebratory or grief-filled, formal or semi-formal, can be summed up in two words: dark suit. For a woman, however, even a clearly specified dress code can leave confusion as to the required attire: Long dress or short? Jacket or blouse only? Sleeves or sleeveless? Fancy jewelry, costume jewelry, or no jewelry? Heels or flats? The list of options is endless. Look, for example, at this list of what is acceptable attire for men and women, respectively, at the following events or functions.

Business meeting

Cocktail Party


Church Service


Wedding (formal)

Wedding (semi-formal)

Wedding (In Wedding Party)

Wedding (Own)

But there is one time when women have the advantage over men in terms of fashion: Summertime. Which would you rather wear to an outside wedding in New England in July, this?

Or this?

And what would you rather have on your feet, these?

Or these?

Speaking of shoes, which are easier to slip off unnoticed under your desk in the heat of summer, these?

Or these?

I don't know how men survive in a non-air-conditioned church or an sunny outside venue while wearing a suit and tie. For me, as a woman, my biggest fashion concern in the summer is rarely a fear that I’ll be too hot, but only that, in the evening or in an overly air-conditioned venue, I might get too cold. But even that’s not much of a fear, since I know my husband will always be prepared to help.

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