Friday, October 25, 2013

Cool Costumes for 2013

As I’m planning my kids’ Halloween costumes, I can't help but snoop through the internet for ideas. And there are some amazing, clever, and hilariously funny costumes out there. Most of these are beyond the skills or ambition of the average person, but those of us who can’t (or won’t) make them can at least appreciate their brilliance. Here are the top ten that jumped out at me.

Head in a Jar
Novelty Factor: A nice variation on the classic Headless Horseman.
Requirements: Long trench coat, ski gloves, large plastic snack jar with lid (VERY important to put holes in the lid), cotton balls
Overall Effect: Creepy and mysterious

Stick Figure
Novelty Factor: You’re not exactly likely to run into another stick figure while out trick-or-treating.
Requirements: LED rope, battery pack, toddler who doesn’t walk very well yet.
Overall Effect: Hilariously funny when in motion and still pretty funny when still.

Grumpy Cat

Novelty Factor: It’s easy (and timely) enough that you might run into a few fellow grumps here and there. Just give each other dirty looks.
Requirements: White face paint, lots of brown eyeshadow, an extremely grumpy expression.
Overall Effect: Funny. You know, in a grumpy sort of way.

Army Guys
Novelty Factor: In the unlikely event you run into someone else wearing the same costume, he can just join your army.
Requirements: Rain gear, helmet, boots, some kind of large weapon, large quantities of green spray paint and matching green body paint, a high degree of commitment, the ability to hold a pose without moving for a very long time.
Overall Effect: Variable, dependent on the last two requirements above.

Novelty Factor: Much like the Army guys above, if you run into someone else wearing the same costume, he can just join your group.
Requirements: Lots of similarly-sized cardboard boxes, various bright colors of paint, a good sense of spatial relations.
Overall Effect: The more levels you can form, the more impressive the costume. Bonus points for recruiting some really tall or really short people.

Miley Cyrus
Novelty Factor: This costume will pretty much only work for the year 2013, so it’s fair to say it’s novel.
Requirements: Teddy bear onesie, large foam finger, complete lack of dignity.
Overall Effect: The response to your version will probably be as mixed as it was to the original. In other words, is it trampy or is it art? The answer is a resounding, “YES.”

The Human Anatomy
Novelty Factor: I guarantee you will not see someone else wearing the same costume, unless you happen to live in Heidi Klum’s neighborhood. (Yes, this photo really is Heidi Klum.)
Requirements: Paintable catsuit with bald cap, large quantities of red, black, and white paint, impressive knowledge of human anatomy.
Overall Effect: Shocking and amazing. In a good way.

Doctor Who

Novelty Factor: Even if you bump into another Doctor Who, chances are it won’t be the same incarnation, and even if it is, you can both shrug it off with the words, “wibbly-wobbly” and “timey-wimey.”
Requirements: Depending on your incarnation of choice, requirements may be a tweed blazer and bow tie (plus optional fez); double-breasted pin-striped suit, tennies, and overcoat; or a long knitted striped scarf and large felt hat. Bonus points for having the TARDIS and a sonic screwdriver along.
Overall Effect: Even a poor attempt at this costume will leave fangirls squealing, just watch out for those creepy weeping angels.

Novelty Factor: You’re pretty likely to run into another minion or two this year, but with a costume this cute, who cares?
Requirements: Bright yellow hoodie, overalls, goggles, ability to speak gibberish.
Overall Effect: Adorable even if the wearer isn’t under the age of 6.

Guy on Stilts
Novelty Factor: Unless you happen to not be the only guy in the neighborhood who’s seven feet tall, you’re pretty much guaranteed the unique vote for this one.
Requirements: Two tall cardboard boxes that fit over your legs from ankle to knee, spare pair of shoes, being seven feet tall.
Overall Effect: People who know you will do a double-take. So will people who don’t.

So if you don’t have your Halloween act together yet, maybe these will give you some inspiration! And if not, there’s always the old bedsheet with eyeholes costume.
Just be warned that you’ll probably collect a few rocks.

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