Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Top 20 Reasons Why Being a Kid is Awesome

20. You can say things that are totally inappropriate and get away with it.

19. You want a nap? Go right ahead. Take one. Doesn’t matter where you are.

18. A lollipop solves pretty much any problem the world can possibly throw at you.

17. If you yawn in the middle of someone’s big speech, it’s adorable, not rude.

16. Your idea of heaven is the playground up the street.

15. People forgive your bodily noises.

14. You can eat chocolate chip cookies every day for a week and not gain an ounce.

13. If you’ve already gained those ounces, it’s adorable.

12. Painting is great fun regardless of your level of artistic talent.

11. If you mispronounce someone’s name, instead of getting mad, they start making everyone else call them by your mispronunciation.

10. Correct spelling is irrelevant. So is correct grammar.

9. No-one mocks your fashion choices.

8. Crying on a regular basis is expected.

7. You always get to pick the movie.

6. Food is a full-body experience.

5. Laps are the most comfortable chairs.

4. You are absolutely unashamed of your body.

3. You’re not aware that work is work.

2. Christmas is all about YOU.

1. There’s always a hug or a kiss around when you need one.

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