Thursday, February 6, 2014

What to Do, What to Do?

It’s not quite 11 o’clock in the morning, and so far today I have:

·        Shoveled my car out from under over a foot of snow
·        Dressed my less-than-cooperative 2-1/2 year old
·        Dressed myself in such a way that everything that should match matches (mostly)
·        Emptied the dishwasher
·        Folded a load of laundry
·        Moved a load of laundry into the dryer and started another one
·        Successfully removed some stains from a white jacket
·        Caught up on my email
·        Started packing for a weekend trip
·        Removed and reinstalled my bathtub drain

So why is it that I feel I haven’t gotten anything done today? Perhaps it’s because of everything else that is still staring at me from my “To Do” list:

·        Finish packing for a weekend trip
·        Fold another load of laundry
·        Move another load of laundry into the dryer
·        Put away the multiple loads of laundry that are still stacked on the stairs
·        Remove some stains from a white bathrobe (why I thought it was a good idea to wear that particular robe while I was coloring my hair, I have no idea)
·        Dig up the scraps of white terrycloth I’m certain are somewhere in my rag bag and make a belt to replace the missing belt from the above bathrobe
·        Design a pattern for a bellboy hat
·        Buy the fabric and trim to make three bellboy hats
·        Make three bellboy hats
·        Pick up my son from pre-school
·        Pack both kids into the car and go pick up rental costumes
·        Make lunch
·        Make dinner
·        Print out multiple costume charts
·        Go to rehearsal
·        Catch up on email again
·        Shave my legs (this has been on the “To Do” list for long enough that it’s becoming a major priority)
·        Buy more diapers before we leave for the weekend
·        Figure out what urgent items should be on this list that I’ve completely forgotten about

Really, is it any wonder I feel like I’ve hardly made a dent in the list? I think I should add a few more things to the “done” list, just so I can even up the done:to do ratio a little bit. How about these?

·       ·        Made and drank an entire cup of coffee
·        Convinced 4 year old to get in the car by himself
·        Prevented 2-1/2 year old from jumping off the back of the couch
·        Brushed my teeth
·        Brushed my hair – oh wait, haven’t done that one yet
·        Peed without an audience (if you don’t consider this an accomplishment worthy of crossing off the to-do list, you’ve never lived with small children)
·        Found my car keys (see above)
·        Remembered to put my phone in my purse
·        Successfully prevented 2-1/2 year old from stuffing an entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet

Yeah, I guess that makes it look a little better. Oh, hey – I can add “write and publish blog entry” on my done list! Hmm, I can even make that two separate items. I guess I’m getting more done today than I thought!

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