Thursday, May 28, 2020

COVID-19 Homeschool, Day 50

Day 50?!?? What a milestone. With a couple of holidays thrown in there, that's more than TEN WEEKS we've been learning from home. Yay for us!

This morning I was up early (I'm always awake early, but rarely up early) and baked some French bread as a thank-you for a friend who is doing my husband a professional favor. (The side benefit being that, since she lives alone and will not be able to finish off two full loaves of bread before they get stale, we get to keep one.) It's a beautiful morning, warm but with a little bit of breeze, and it was lovely to enjoy my coffee quietly and without interruption. Plus, I find kneading bread to be incredibly therapeutic and satisfying. So, the day began on a high note. Let's hope it continues that way!

7-8:45am: Since I was busy baking bread, breakfast was a little later than usual. So I gave the kids a little extra time to eat and then get dressed, brushed, washed, and ready for the day.

8:45-9:30am: I sat with each of the kids to look over their weekly assignment lists and plan out their lessons for the day. They both have their favorite subjects and assignments that they tend to want to do at the expense of other important assignments, so every now and then I need to look at their lists and be sure nothing crucial is being overlooked (inadvertently or on purpose). My son is working on an "angle classification" assignment, followed by ReadWorks, reading "A Slice of Summer." I like this reading assignment because it includes questions to answer and submit to his teacher. My daughter is working on her Typing Club exercises.

9:30-10am: My daughter is moving on to Math Playground and my son is doing independent reading, reading Robin Hood on my Kindle. After my daughter finished, she did some reading on Epic. We also watched a workman on our neighbor's roof using a leaf blower to clear the gutters, because home improvement and maintenance is an important life skill. Also, it was cool to watch.

10-10:30am: What do we always do at 10am? Circle Time with Miss Tracey and Atlantic White Shark Conservancy! Also, I took a shower, because hygiene is important, and also I experienced the king of all night sweats last night. Like, I literally had to go splash cold water all over myself for fear I would actually spontaneously combust. My daughter went on to work on Zearn after Circle Time (which was a short story reading today).

10:30-11:30am: My daughter moved on to Greg Tang math while my son finished up AWSC's presentation on fossils. Then he went on to Finish up a few math worksheets and ReadWorks assignments.

11:30am-1pm: Lunch break and free time. My neighbor is feeding her baby on the porch and I am blatantly Mrs. Kravitz-ing from my kitchen window. He's singing happily between mouthfuls and waving his arms around wildly and it's the cutest thing ever.

1-2pm: Both kids had a Google Classroom Meet with their teachers. They both finished a little early and then chatted with their classmates online for a bit. The weather's looking a little dicey, so I don't think we'll jump in the pool this afternoon, but if it clears up later I'll send them outside to run around and burn off some energy. But for the moment, we're all kind of being couch potatoes and that's okay, too.

One more day left and this week will be over!! FIFTY AND FABULOUS!

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