Friday, February 26, 2010

Girls Who Wear Glasses

"Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses." This saying has been around forever, but I suspect it was popularized when Marilyn Monroe said it in the movie, "How to Marry a Millionaire". Naturally, Marilyn managed to snag herself a very nice millionaire (even if she thought he was just a gas jockey) despite her dorky glasses, but then, she was Marilyn Monroe. I should look so unappealing in glasses.

But one person that I know will never think less of me for wearing glasses is Ryan. He apparently has quite a thing for women wearing glasses, as I discovered yesterday. I took him to visit my mom during her chemotherapy treatment. The nurses she sees are the same nurses I used to see for my rheumatoid arthritis treatment, so I've known them for years. They avidly followed my romance with Herb and were thrilled to death for both Mom and I when we told them I was pregnant. So as soon as we arrived, the whole nursing staff gathered around to coo over Ryan.

Fortunately, he was in a particularly cheerful mood. He tends to mug it up when new people admire him anyway, but he was in especially fine form right then. He grinned his crooked, dimpled grin for everyone, but he totally turned on the charm and made delighted giggles for one nurse who happened to be wearing glasses. Another nurse jokingly commented on it, and just for fun put on her own reading glasses - and was immediately rewarded by a HUGE grin and a lunge in her direction. Apparently my little man DOES make passes at girls who wear glasses.

Even the ones who don't quite look like Marilyn Monroe.