Friday, February 19, 2010

He Obviously Didn't Get the Memo

Being a new mom in this age of technology, I am naturally subscribed to all kinds of electronic newsgroups and newsletters. Every few days a new e-mail appears in my inbox informing me of my baby's latest developmental steps. How many naps a day he's probably taking, how much and how often he's eating, when he can hold up his head on his own, when he'll start reaching for his toys, when he'll start smiling or laughing or cooing. I understand that these are only general guidelines, but I do have to laugh at how far off they often are from Ryan's actual development.

The biggest discrepancy is, of course, eating and gaining weight. Today's 16-week newsletter, for example, reassured me that the rate of my baby's growth is more important than his actual size, so I shouldn't be worried if he isn't as big as I think he should be at this point. Um, not really a problem. I'm more worried that he's going to be Andre the Giant by first grade, at the rate he's going. According to most of the newsletters and pediatricians' columns I've been reading, Ryan should be eating around 4 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours. Yeah, he DEFINITELY didn't get that memo. Even at 4 ounces every three waking hours, that would be a total of 24 ounces a day. My little man knocks back 35-45 ounces a day. But then, he weighs 24 pounds at a time when most babies weigh less than 12, so it wouldn't be unexpected for him to be eating twice as much.

Average 3-1/2 month old baby

My giant baby at 6 weeks in the same chair.
Note the location of his head sticking over the top of the chair.
SIX WEEKS, people!!

But I don't mind that Ryan seems to be a bit ahead of the curve. Sure it's a little tough on my back, and it seems we're getting him the next size up in clothes and diapers every week, and we'll be in the market for a bigger car seat before the month is out, but my big boy is healthy and strong and alert and curious. And that's what counts.

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