Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chubby Naked Babies!

There are really very few times in a person's life other than babyhood when being naked is acceptable. But babies are just so perfect, so innocent, and so unspoiled that being naked is perfectly natural. So of course, most people end up with a photo or two like this in their baby books:

There are also very few times in a person's life other than babyhood when being chubby - even VERY chubby - is considered adorable (and healthy!). Maybe the latter is the reason for the former. After all, who as an adult would want a pictorial documentation of rolls of fat around their tummy, creases where there aren't joints, knuckle dimples, and chin upon chin upon chin? But when the owner of all those chins is a baby, we think it's the cutest thing ever. Who doesn't want to pinch those chipmunk cheeks? Squeeze those mighty thighs? Tickle that jiggly belly? Kiss those pudgy toes? Baby chub is beautiful!

And the best part is that despite the way adult aesthetics have changed through the ages, baby chub has always been beautiful! The most beautiful women of the various ages have been depicted as curvaceous and voluptuous as during the Raphaelite era, tall and wasp-waisted as during the Edwardian age, flat-chested and boyish as during the Roaring Twenties, or anorexically thin yet big-busted as today.

But the most beautiful babies have always been round-faced and chubby-cheeked, with dimples and creases and chins abounding. So let’s hear it for beautiful, chubby, naked babies!

And of course we can't forget the cutest chubby naked baby of all!

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