Monday, March 8, 2010

The Reign of the World's Biggest Baby Continues

This morning Ryan had his four-month checkup, and I am proud to announce that he has kept his title of World's Biggest Baby! At 25 lbs. 8 oz. and 28-1/2 inches long, he is off the percentile charts for both height and weight. The good news is that since he was only in the 97th percentile for height (but over the 100th for weight) at his 2-month visit, he is actually slimming down (proportionately, anyway). He is in all respects a healthy, happy, strong, and strapping young lad!

And since he is doing so well, our next adventure will be starting on solid food. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from his appointment to pick up some rice cereal for him to try. And of course, I had to pick up a few jars of stage 1 baby food for when we're ready to move onto that, as well. I don't want to rush anything, but the way he stares at us with such great intensity and interest when we're eating leaves no doubt that he's totally ready. He's fascinated by food, and I've been giving him baby spoons to play with and chew on so they won't be completely unfamiliar when we start putting food on them.
I'm a little sad to be leaving this part of infancy behind so soon, but Ryan is already starting to look so grown up and more like a toddler-to-be than an infant (ha! he really only ever looked like a tiny infant for about a week) that I might as well accept it and embrace it. My beautiful little baby is growing into a beautiful big boy, with all the new skills and excitement that come with that next step.

Before I know it, he'll be waving goodbye from the window of a school bus, asking to borrow the car keys, and filling out college applications. For now I guess I'll just enjoy him needing me to carry him around, and feed him, and dress him. And years from now, when it feels like he doesn't need me quite so much, I can remember these days when he was lost without me and know that somewhere deep inside, he will always be my sweet little boy who grins with delight at his mommy and daddy.
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