Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Best Job in the World

Being a stay-at-home-mom is seriously the best job in the world. Sure, there isn’t much of a paycheck, and the hours are long, but the workload and the fringe benefits are way better than any other job I’ve ever had, not to mention my fabulous office mate.

Think about it: there’s no dress code, I’m my own boss, the commute is non-existent, I make up the rules and responsibilities as I go along, and I can redecorate the office any time I want. I can take field trips anywhere and anytime I like. I never have to fill out paperwork. I don’t have to requisition supplies. I don’t have to fill out a timesheet or punch a clock. I take my coffee breaks and my lunch break whenever the spirit moves. I always get to listen to the radio and occasionally even get to watch TV in my office. What’s not to love?

And above and beyond all that, my office mate keeps me entertained. Yeah, he’s a little loud at times, but he keeps the mood in the office upbeat and he’s always good for a laugh. He’s always happy to help rearrange the office supplies (i.e., the Tupperware cupboard, the pots and pans, the books on the bookshelf), even though he isn’t particularly neat about it. He always lets me pick the background radio station (although he WILL wrestle me for the TV remote). He takes a break for a couple of hours every day and lets me have the run of the place. If we take a field trip, he always lets me drive.

I love my job so much that I always hang around long after my shift is over. Of course, that might also have something to do with the fact that the guy on second shift is REALLY hot…

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