Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boys' Night Out

This afternoon, my mom and I went to a baby shower. And when I got back home, my husband and baby were nowhere to be found. I shot off a quick text message and found out that they were visiting Ryan’s grandfather, “Pappy”. I immediately got this image in my head:

This photo was taken in the hospital just hours after Ryan was born. It’s one of my very favorites. There’s something so special about having the three generations of men together. And although I’m sure the energy level right now is considerably higher than it was the day this photo was taken (particularly for the youngest member of the trio), today’s “boys’ day out” is every bit as special as that one was.

And I’m thoroughly enjoying the resulting quiet house. I checked my e-mail without one eye on the baby monitor that sits next to my computer. I’m thinking about what I’ll make myself for dinner without having to take into account whether I’ll be saving a small explorer from shutting his fingers into the cabinets while I’m cooking. I’m planning on reading a book while I’m eating dinner and being able to pay attention to what I’m reading instead of to a curious beastie who wants to read with me (and by “read”, I mean “eat the pages of the book”). I might even make myself a cup of tea and sit out by the pool listening to the birds chirping quietly while I watch the dusk slowly fade into night. What a wonderful, peaceful, calm, self-indulgent evening!

But the best part of that evening will be when the menfolk come home and demand my attention and give me loud, wet, sloppy kisses and interrupt my peace and quiet. And I won’t mind the interruption one bit. How could anyone ever mind being interrupted by this handsome pair?

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