Monday, January 28, 2013

SAG Awards vs. Golden Globes Fashion, 2013

I missed the Screen Actors Guild awards last night, but I could hardly miss the red carpet buzz this morning. But instead of doing a full fashion review, I’m going to focus on a comparison of gowns worn by actresses whose Golden Globes couture I also reviewed two weeks ago.

Nicole Kidman made a rare fashion misstep at the SAGs this year. The cut and color of her black and deep blue column are striking, as are her long straight hair and strappy heels, but the floppy flowers make the gown look like it’s unraveling, and the random flowery blobs on the bodice are doing her bustline no favors. The devil really was in the details!

Anne Hathaway swapped her elegant white column for a spangled black mini-dress with a thick tulle overlay. The bodice looked crooked and made her look both flat-chested and thick-waisted. Not a horrendous gown in and of itself, but totally unflattering on her.
Michelle Dockery also went from white to black. Her black gown was simple and clingy, much like her white gown, but she traded in a demure high neckline for a cutaway back exposing a bit too much side-boob. She looked like she could have used a bit more support as well. Not a complete misstep, but a small step down from her cool GG elegance.
Lea Michele certainly changed her look from the GGs to the SAGs. Trading in her white, slit-up-to-there halter dress for a bubble-gum pink taffeta prom dress, and swapping her sultry wavy tresses for straight hair with heavy bangs, Michele went from sexy to sweet. A very different look, but nearly as successful.
Jennifer Garner made the opposite transformation, from sweet to sexy. Although she wore gowns with similar silhouettes and textured fabrics at both ceremonies, her overall looks could not have been more different. From deep red to metallic gold, from a sweet updo to long dramatic waves, and from a slightly full skirt to figure-hugging glamour, Garner proved she is a red-hot mama no matter what color she wears.
Claire Danes hardly looked like the same person at the SAG awards as she did at the GGs, but she looked equally as stunning. From bright coral to black, from conventional wrap to single-sleeved column, from loosely flowing wavy tresses to an asymmetrically pinned-up and straightened ‘do, and from natural makeup to dramatically dark lips, Danes made the top of the best-dressed lists at both ceremonies.
Amanda Seyfried went from washout to knockout in this strapless, cobalt-blue mermaid gown with wavy sideswept locks, smoky eyes, and a long silver pendant. This look is an absolute best of the best-dressed, not to mention a "Most Improved".
Jennifer Lawrence traded in her scarlet ball gown for a sleek, deep blue mermaid. She looked lovely at the GGs but looked even more mature and elegant at the SAGs. Her blue gown was simple but perfectly fitted and the single accessory of a small diamond drop necklace plus deep red lips were all she needed for polish.
Marion Cotillard aimed once again for the cutting edge, but fell a bit short this time. The structured, high-waisted, full skirt with self-sash is stunning and flattering – and a gorgeous color - but the nude-colored, unadorned tube top makes it look like she forgot to finish dressing.
Jessica Chastain’s SAG look was a vast improvement over her saggy dress and badly slicked locks at the GGs. Although her striking red column gown was a bit too tight (as evidenced by a visible belly button and slightly straining seams), the lovely criss-cross bodice details, narrow belt, and slightly flared trumpet skirt were absolutely stunning, and her simple loose waves and diamond necklace were the perfect finishing touches.
Kelly Osborne tends to walk the fine line between edgy and hot mess. At the GGs, she just missed the mark with an unfortunate overly-ruffled hem, but at the SAGs, she chose an elegantly draped, just-clingy-enough black gown with subtle studded details on the bodice. Her sleek updo and bright coral lips added just the right pop of color.
Bottom line? A few actresses lost some fashion ground, but most took a fashion step forward between the Golden Globes and the SAGs. I can’t wait to see what they all have in store for the Academy Awards!

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