Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snowmageddon 2013

Thirty-five years ago this week, New England was hit with the infamous "Blizzard of '78." Those of us who lived through it will never forget having to shovel out the front door every few hours so we could still open it, week-long power outages, cars that literally vanished under blankets of snow (both those parked in the driveway and those abandoned in the middle of the road), and snowdrifts that reached partway up the first floor windows. Those of us who were under the age of 18 at the time also fondly remember a week of no school, dads being home from work for the week, cooking hotdogs in the fireplace, and the finest sledding ever seen.

This weekend looks like it could be the closest thing to that blizzard that we've had in a while. And although there are a few events I'd been looking forward to that might be canceled or at least rescheduled due to the storm, I'm as excited as my kids (at least, the one of my kids who knows what "snow" means) about the prospect of being snowed in for the weekend. Because to me, this is what a snowy weekend means:

The whole family spending a day or two together. Just us, making our own fun. Playing Candyland and doing puzzles.

Dinner by the fireplace.

Looking out the windows watching the snow fall silently.

Making snow angels. Taking the kids sledding. Snowball fights in the front yard.

Drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and whipped cream.

Snuggling together under a cozy blanket, watching movies and eating popcorn.

Baking cookies and eating them hot from the oven.

I'm stocked up on bread, milk, coffee, and wine. We've even got leftover steak and risotto. We've got firewood and batteries and hot cocoa mix and each other. So bring on Snowmageddon!!We're ready!

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