Sunday, March 30, 2014

April 2014 Photo-A-Day Challenge

It’s been quite a while since I took on a month of Photo-A-Day challenges, so I’d say I’m about due. So I searched around online and came up with the April 2014 list from  the fatmumslim website:

As I usually do for these challenges, before the month starts I take a look at the list and try to come up with a few general ideas of what I might choose as a subject for each day. I find it interesting to go back after the fact and see how accurate my predictions were. Here are my initial thoughts on my photo subjects for each day. See you back here in a month to see how well I did!

01.  Something Purple: Considering that roughly 50% of my daughter’s wardrobe is purple (the other 50% is pink), there’s a pretty good chance this will be a photo of her wearing a purple item of clothing and doing something cute.
02.   In My Hand: My world is filled with a plethora of hand-sized objects: Lego blocks, Barbie shoes, small socks, Candyland game pieces. I’m just hoping it’s one of them and not, say, a pre-chewed piece of bubble gum or apple slice.
03.   Shapes: My kids’ toybox is full of objects with geometric slots and cut-outs, so I’m predicting some item with either a Playskool or a Fisher Price label on it.
04.   Good Together: If April 4th happens to be a day when my children are playing nicely together, it will be them. If not, probably a salt and pepper shaker or a pair of candlesticks.
05.   Not Mine: My son loves to borrow and lend toys back and forth with his buddy Ben, so “not mine” will probably refer to one of Ben’s monster trucks, motorcycles, or dinosaurs.
06.   A Taste of Spring: Oh, how I hope this will be a photograph of a sprig of green peeking up from the dirt in my garden!!
07.   Where I’d Rather Be: If the weather is gloomy, this will probably be a photo of a past vacation in a tropical spot; if it’s sunny and warm, it’ll probably be a photo of exactly where I am.
08.   Hobby: My three main hobbies are theater, writing, and sewing, so something related to that.
09.   Dark: There is often a lovely view of the sunset outside my front door as darkness falls.
10.   My Fave Part of the Day: On a good day, this would be snuggling with my kids, reading them stories before I tuck them into bed. On a bad day, this would be a the glass of wine I have after I tuck them into bed.
11.   3 of a Kind: Three other people besides me live in my house and they often wear matching outfits (and smiles).12.   On My Left: Since April 12 is my wedding anniversary, you can expect to see a photo of my engagement and wedding rings.
13.   More Please! See #10, above.
14.   Dirty: I have small children, so most likely someone’s peanut butter-covered face.
15.   I’m Reading This: Who knows what book I’ll be in the middle of by the 15th!
16.   My Vice: There are so many…wine, chocolate, nachos…I don’t know what it will be but it will have plenty of calories.
17.   Something I Learned: Don’t know; haven’t learned it yet.
18.   Good: See #16.
19.   Money: My daughter loves to steal loose change from my husband’s bedside table, so this shot will probably be a penny I discovered in some unexpected location: my shoe, my coffee mug, the toilet.
20.   Egg: The kids will have dyed Easter eggs so I’ll be bragging on their artwork.
21.   Close: Hmm, will I choose close meaning “near” or close meaning “shut”? I predict something shut, such as eyes or a door or a book.
22.   Four Things: In a family of four, it could be four dinner plates, four coats hanging in the closet, or even four game pieces waiting to play.
23.   Entrance: Plenty of doors in my house to choose from!
24.   A Pop of Color: Much like #6, I’m really hoping this will be a photo of some flower in my garden getting ready to bloom!
25.   Remember: There are old photos all over my house.
26.   Enjoy the Little Things: A smile from one of my kids, a small piece of candy, a pretty sunset.
27.   Under My Feet: Legos spread out all over the floor.
28.   Chaotic: Probably also Legos spread out all over the floor.
29.   Contrast: For all that they’re alike in many ways, my kids are also a study in contrasts: the petite tow-headed girl playing with stuffed animals and the tall, sturdy brunette boy building guns and helicopters out of Legos.
30.   Something Silly: My kids are always up for being silly!

Looks like a fun month ahead!!

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