Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lent Photo a Day: Powers

I once saw a maternity T-shirt that proclaimed: “I make people. What’s YOUR superpower?” Indeed, nothing makes you feel like a superhero with special powers quite like growing another human being inside your body. Except possibly when that other human being exits your body and still thinks you have superpowers. THAT’s pretty cool.

One of my favorite “mom” superpowers is the fact that I can mend any injury with a kiss. It might be a physical injury; it might be an emotional one. But whatever the source of the pain, one kiss from me and the wound is proclaimed “All better!!” by the sufferer.

Whenever I see those silly online quizzes asking “Which superpower should you have?”, I never have to think about whether I would choose invisibility, or telepathy, or the ability to fly, or x-ray vision. Hands down, I would want to have the power of healing. Of healing bodies and of healing hearts. Who wouldn’t want the powers to make pain go away? And I know that my powers won’t last for much longer, as my children discover reality and the lasting pains that come with growing into adulthood, but while I do have them, I’ll enjoy them.


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