Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eating Lasagna in the Shower

This afternoon, I realized at around 2:00 that I hadn’t taken a shower or eaten lunch yet. I also realized that Ryan would probably be napping for only another 20 minutes or so. Most people would consider this an “either/or” situation. Either I could eat lunch, OR I could take a shower. However, I am nothing if not an unusually creative multitasker. So instead of assuming that I would have to choose one option or the other, I assumed there must be a way to do both. I grabbed a slice of leftover lasagna from the fridge and threw it in the microwave while I took off my socks and shoes (I was fully dressed, even though I hadn’t showered). I grabbed a fork and the now-hot Tupperware of lasagna and raced upstairs. I turned on the shower and let it heat up for the few seconds it took me to get undressed. Then I hopped in the shower, lasagna in hand. That’s right, I brought my lasagna right into the shower with me.

[No, I’m not including a photo of the above. You know you have a mental image of it already anyway. Yes, I'm sorry too.]

I leaned back under the hot water while I ate, letting the force of the water massage my scalp as I savored the tang of the tomato sauce and the pungency of the herbs. I leaned forward to let the showerhead massage my back while I popped in a few more bites, letting the sweet cheese melt in my mouth and enjoying the creamy soft noodles. By the time I’d finished the last of the lasagna, my hair was wet and ready to be shampooed and my back was loose enough to contort as necessary to scrub my feet and shave my legs. I even rinsed out the Tupperware before I got out of the shower.

And the best part was that Ryan was still sleeping soundly by the time I was dressed again. Which is how I managed to write this blog. And I bet you can’t even imagine what I'm doing at the same time!


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