Friday, April 2, 2010

If Only We Could Harness It

How many times have you seen a child running around and said, “Boy, I wish I had that kind of energy”? It’s amazing that children grow at all, considering all the energy they burn up with their constant motion. And no wonder they sleep so soundly – there’s no energy left for anything else!

Ryan is no exception to this rule. He’s not very mobile yet – he can’t walk, or crawl, or even scoot, and his rolling over is occasional and by accident. But boy can that baby bounce! Check this out: Ryan Bouncing

He does this for hours, especially if he has something to look at, like his reflection:

Or his shadow, or something sparkly (like sunlight bouncing off my diamond ring or the suncatcher on the sliding glass door), or even, if he leans over far enough, his own feet:

It seems like there must be a way to hook up the jumperoo to some kind of generator, the same way a windmill converts wind energy into electricity or a dam creates hydroelectric power. I bet his pre-breakfast bouncing alone could heat enough hot water for my shower and an entire dishwasher cycle, maybe even a load of laundry as well. Imagine if every household in the country with a baby under the age of one hooked up their babies to a generator for a single hour every day – we could free the nation of our independence on foreign oil, cut our carbon footprint in half, and save thousands of acres of trees! My baby could change the world!

Plus, he’s way cuter than a Prius.

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