Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Uncooperative Octopus

They look so sweet and innocuous, those little hands and feet, don’t they? And if you count them, there really are only two of each. But now that Ryan is learning to control them, they seem to have multiplied. Or maybe it’s just that I’m only using two limbs to try and control his four. But whatever the situation, it’s often like dealing with an uncooperative octopus.

I first discovered that this could be a problem when I had Ryan on the changing table and suddenly I was being whapped in the face with a (clean, fortunately) diaper. Mr. Flaily Arms had discovered the stack of clean diapers that was conveniently within arm’s reach (his as well as mine) and had also discovered that clean diapers make a nice crunchy sound and are easy to clutch by any of their parts. Daddy had apparently discovered this issue before I had because I noticed that the bottle of hand sanitizer had been moved to the far end of the changing table. (Wonder if that was a messy discovery?)

Feet are also an issue on the changing table. Even aside from the difficulty of slipping pantlegs over feet which don’t wish to be encumbered by clothing, we have the difficulty of diaper kicking. Naturally, diaper kicking is much more fun when the diaper is poopy – and there has been poop on my nursery walls to prove it. Fortunately, I am resourceful enough that I’ve managed to create a system of holding Ryan’s legs and backside up in the air with one hand while folding the diaper with its unpleasant contents safely sealed inside with the other hand. But again, Mr. Squirmy makes even that supposedly simple task something of an aerobic exercise.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted to see him exploring with his hands and feet. I love watching him carefully and deliberately scoop up a toy with both hands. I love watching him stretch out his toes to pull his bear toward himself. I love that he’s gaining more and more control over his limbs every day. I just wish that he’d be a bit more of a cooperative octopus sometimes.

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