Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Fall Fashions That I Love

There are two things that I love that come with the advent of fall: fall cooking, and fall clothes. I love fall comfort food: casseroles, soups, baked pasta dishes, and anything that can be made in a crock pot. I also love fall comfort clothing: snuggly sweaters, lovely layers, beautiful boots, cozy coats. And every time fall rolls around, there are a few new (or recycled) fall fashions that I just love. Here are a few of the fall 2014 fashion trends that I love.

Print Dresses

Some years, every dress I see is in a solid color. Which is fine, but I love prints. So I'm very excited about the many print dresses that are being shown this year: ethnic prints, animal prints, stripes, funky geometrics. The silhouettes are simple and the visual interest comes from the fabric instead of the tailoring details. It's a nice change of pace from years past.


Every year, some kind of boot or other is in. But it seems like this year, EVERY kind of boot is in. High boots, ankle boots, booties, slouchy boots, riding boots, suede boots, patent boots, brown boots, black boots, multi-colored boots. There's a boot for absolutely everyone. Even if you don't like boots, there's a pair of trendy boots out there this year that you'll love.


Maybe it's because of Pinterest, but scarves are everywhere this season, and there are as many ways to wear a scarf as there are women who wear them. Tie them in a bow, weave them back on themselves, loop them around, toss them over your shoulder, braid them or twist them, add beads or fringe, solid or print or textured - no matter what your taste or what your outfit, there's a hot scarf waiting to give it that final POP!

Fun Bags

Alongside the usual neutral colored handbags and totes, there are plenty of "fun" styles of purses, bags, and backpacks this year: bright colors, interesting shapes, wild prints - bags you can have fun with! I'm not even a big fan of handbags, but there are a lot of styles catching my eye this year. A fun purse is a great way to liven up an outfit, and this year there are plenty of fun ones to choose from.

Retro Shoes

As a theatre person and a costumer, I am always delighted to see any kind of retro or vintage styles in current fashion. This year, there are plenty of deliciously retro shoe styles to choose from: 1940s T-straps, 1980s low booties, 1950s ballerina flats, and 1960s penny loafers. They're all comfortable and they're all fun!

Interesting Sweaters

I love sweaters that I can wear over and over - but let's face it, sweaters can get pretty boring. But this year, we're seeing a lot of sweaters with interesting textures, whether it's an open weave, or a nubby yarn, or some kind of a pattern. Pair your fun sweater with a basic scarf or solid colored jacket, and you've got yourself some fashionable (and cozy!) layering.

Wrap Coats

Many coats this year, instead of closing with a front and center zipper or row of buttons or snaps, are overlapping as a wrap or a double-breasted closure, often finished with a belt. It's a flattering (and slimming) silhouette for all figures, not to mention quick and convenient when you're in a hurry!

Longer Skirts

The past few seasons it's been next to impossible to find a skirt or dress any longer than mid-thigh length (not counting maxi-dresses that drag on the floor unless you're over 5'10" or regularly wear 4" heels). But this year, many skirts are falling to the top of the knee or even a few inches longer. You can find a flattering pencil skirt, an a-line skirt, or a flared skirt at a reasonable length even if you're over 40 and weigh more than 130 pounds. Hurrah!

Overlapping Layers

If, like me, you're always cold once the weather drops below 60 or so, this is the fashion year for you! Layers are in, in, in. Lots of long, overlapping layers. Leave your shirttails out under your snug sweater (or two!) and layer a long cardigan or a jacket over it, along with a looped scarf, all over skinny jeans or leggings. Finish your look with tall boots or short slouchy booties and leg warmers or even cute ballerina flats. Go dressy with a tailored jacket or casual with ripped jeans. Lots of cozy layers, lots of mix and match, lots of use out of everything in your closet. And don't forget to throw your great bag into the mix.

*Note: All the clothes shown in this blog (other than the "overlapping layers" outfits, which are from Choies, I have no idea, and Michael Kors, respectively) are available from Dress Barn, Macy's, and J.C. Penney. Yes, really!

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