Friday, September 12, 2014

Google Me - 2014 Edition

Back in March 2013, I wrote a blog entry about the results I got when I Googled myself.  I divided the results into categories: hits that actually referred to me, other people with the same name as me, people connected to me by blood or surname, food, random people, and completely random miscellany. I wondered if (and how) the results had changed over the intervening year and a half, so I Googled myself again, and here are the current results.

    • This blog
    • My LinkedIn profile
    • A YouTube video about the family dance studio
    • A newspaper column I write
    • A Twitter entry or two
    • Several articles about shows I've performed in

    • Several extremely unflattering photos of a very pregnant me
Other people with my name
    • An "upcycler" in New Orleans, LA
    • A Senior Executive in Brisbane, Australia
    • A utility worker from Parson, TN
    • A computer scientist in Norfolk, VA
    • A dental hygienist in Vancouver, Canada
    • An author in Florida
    • My late mother-in-law
People with a connection to me (either family or sharing my surname)
    • An article about "The Jesus People Movement in America" referencing an author named Philpott
    • An ad for "Philpott's Fish and Chip Shop"
    • A photo of my stepdaughter's graduation from Army boot camp
Random people
    • Molly Ringwald
    • A model wearing a red peacoat
    • A beaver wearing a bumblebee costume (okay, technically not a "person," but close enough)
    • An unidentified Asian man
    • Tim Tebow

Random stuff
    • A number of newspaper reports on Hurricane Sandy
    • A newspaper article with the headline, "No SPCA Investigation of Vicious Llama Attack" (I swear, I am not making that up)
    • A description of an archaeological dig
    • The index to "Burke's Dictionary of Landed Gentry"
    • A vintage photograph of a woman wearing a string of pearls and a very low-cut dress
    • A bulletin from the US Geological Survey
    • A number of fringed leather handbags

In general, I’d say that the Google results are slightly more on-target this time. The first page of results is almost completely people who share my name, and it isn’t until page 3 or 4 that the really weird stuff comes up. So, well done, Google! Your stalking has become much more refined. You should be proud. I think.

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