Friday, June 3, 2016

Photo a Day: Purple

As the mother of a 4-1/2 year old girl, it took me approximately 8 seconds to gather this collection of purple items. I didn’t even have to leave the room. At any given time, I would estimate that there is an average of 23 purple items in every room of my house. We have purple stuffed animals of every ilk, purple clothing for every occasion, purple toys and purses and dolls and accessories, purple markers and crayons and stickers and paper and glue and glitter. Purple, purple, purple.

I’m not quite sure what the universal obsession is that seems to attack every girl between the ages of roughly 3 and 14. For some, it lasts a short time; for others it lasts for years, or even into adulthood. But there are very few small girls who do not experience at least a passing obsession with the color purple.

I will admit that it makes wardrobe coordination a snap. Pretty much anything my daughter can pull out of her drawer will match anything else, because they’re all purple, with the occasional splash of pink or white or black, just to shake things up a little. My daughter owns purple jeans, purple leggings, light purple pants, dark purple pants, striped purple pants, solid purple shirts, flowered purple shirts, polka-dotted purple shirts, purple socks, and scads of purple underpants. Not to mention purple hair elastics and purple hair bows. Her favorite dress-up princess dress? Purple. Her favorite stuffed animal? Purple. Her favorite purse? Purple. Her favorite tutu? Purple. Purple, purple, purple.

I’m sure that someday she’ll grow out of it. And by then, I’ll probably be beyond ready. But for now, purple is the color of happy in our house.


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