Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Photo of the Day: Cute

With a photo topic like "cute," I'm sure that no-one is surprised that the subject I chose is my children. They are pretty much the epitome of "cute."

Except when they're not.

This photo was taken on a day when they had spent most of their time fighting like cats and dogs, each one demanding the toy the other had, poking each other, pinching each other, blocking each other's view of the TV, stealthily punching each other in the back of the car, repeatedly tattling on each other, etc., etc. It was anything BUT cute.

But when I brought out these cool sunglasses which were a gift from some friends who'd stayed at our house, the animosity vanished and the cuteness appeared. They snuggled together happily and chattered together like a pair of parakeets.

It didn't last for long, but while it did, it was very, very cute.


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