Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Photo a Day: Mail and Two Things

Ever since I got a smartphone with a good quality camera, I don't even own a separate camera any more. When I can take pictures with my phone and they're instantly postable to social media, emailable to anywhere, and automatically uploaded to cloud storage so I can access them whenever I want, why would I ever use an old school camera?

Well, the answer to that question might possibly be, "Because you dropped your phone in the bleachers at the ice rink and the screen shattered so you have to buy a new one and then figure out how to use it and until you do you can't take pictures with it." Not that that's ever happened to me. (Except for the other day, when it totally did.)

That story was all background to explain why I missed posting yesterday's Photo a Day subject, "mail". Fortunately, I can easily combine it with today's subject, "Two Things". How can I do that, you may ask? This is how:

These two items arrived in the mail at my house. They were not for me. They were not even for my husband. They were for my two children, who find receiving mail to be nearly as delightful as I did when I was a child. There's something special, when you're a kid, about something arriving at the house that is specifically for you. At that age, you have so very little that is yours alone, so when anything uniquely yours makes an appearance, it's exciting.

In addition, both these magazines have age-appropriate games that my kids love to play. They're just challenging enough that the kids feel really smart and accomplished when they complete them, but they're not so challenging that they get frustrated.

These magazines also bring me back to my own childhood, when the highlight of going to the dentist wasn't getting a new toothbrush, it was getting to read the latest adventures of Goofus and Gallant in the newest issue of Highlights Magazine. And most birthdays involved a subscription to some kind of educational magazine, like Ranger Rick or National Geographic World (or sometimes not so educational, like Dynamite or Tiger Beat). I love that my kids are developing their own love of reading the same way I did!

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