Sunday, January 17, 2016

Photo A Day: Faceless

This may be the most difficult subject I’ve tackled so far in all my Photo A Day projects. “Faceless” is such an odd concept. I wondered if my daughter might have an old-fashioned doll whose features had faded, or perhaps whose face had never been more than a blank, white-painted circle. Every doll, however, had a cheerful, smiling, if sometimes simple, countenance.

The day passed by without inspiration, as I continued to look for something that reminded me of “faceless.” A broken clock, perhaps? But then, as the kids’ bedtime loomed close, I spotted this exquisite sight. 

Most of the time, wonderful photos of children and parents involve seeing the rapturous expressions on their faces. But this photo touches the heart without the need to show any faces. The eager Peanut, showing Daddy what the dollies in the dollhouse can do; the loving Daddy, happily throwing himself on the floor and playing along, are clear from their bodies and their closeness. You don’t always need to see someone’s face to see their love. Sometimes, you can see the love perfectly clearly, even when the subjects are, as it were, faceless.


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