Thursday, January 28, 2016

Photo A Day: Smile

Okay, I admit that this is totally cheating, because I took this photo over four months ago, but when the subject of the day is “smile” and I happen to have this photo nearby, how could I NOT use it??

In my completely unbiased (HA! not) opinion, my daughter has pretty much the cutest smile ever. And not only am I biased because she’s my kid, I’m also biased because she’s my clone. Seriously, this kid is 40-years-ago me in a curly blond wig.

But I’m glad that she has a great smile because I think having a friendly, welcoming smile is so much more important than being good looking. I’ve always been very happy that the remark that people (both strangers and friends) make most often about my appearance is that I have a great smile. Being good looking is nice, but skin wrinkles, hair turns gray and thins, breasts sag, and bellies and hips expand. But a pleasant, genuine smile is as beautiful at 100 years old as it is at 100 days old. 

And every age in between.


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