Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Photo A Day: Something I Wore

Being a stay-at-home-mom and a homeschooler, my daily wardrobe generally consists of jeans, leggings, and baggy sweaters. I do enjoy dressing up, and I have a closet full of elegant gowns, cocktail dresses, professional suits, and business-appropriate dresses. But the stuff that I wear 95% of the time is casual and comfortable. So you’d think that I wouldn’t be as eager to change out of my “work wear” as someone who dresses up to go to the office every day. After all, I don’t have to shed my high heels or pantyhose at the end of the day. I rarely even need to take off my shoes at all, because I’m not usually wearing any.

And yet, there’s a wonderful feeling of transition, of physical transformation even, when I get “off the clock” and change into my relaxation clothes. 

Once I’m wearing my giraffe pants and my reindeer slippers, the pressures of parenting begin to ooze away. I rarely change into this outfit before the kids go to bed, but even when I do, they know it’s silly/cuddle/playtime, not let’s-learn-something time or even let's-clean-up-the-playroom time. The rules relax when the giraffe pants come out.

It’s like I give myself permission to ease off and not worry about stuff for a while. Just because of my pants.

Something I wore. 

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