Friday, January 8, 2016

Photo a Day: Landscape

As I have mentioned many times before, I am NOT a morning person. But since I have small children, at least one of whom IS a morning person, I am often up much earlier in the morning than I would like to be. So I always look for the advantages of being up early. One of those is having the time to slowly wake up fully rather than immediately crashing into gear as soon as I roll out of bed. Another is enjoying a quiet cup of coffee before the day gets going. And yet another is seeing the beauty of the sunrise and the early morning sky from my kitchen window.

I’ve always lived in suburban settings where there’s rarely a view of the horizon clear of rooftops and buildings. But where I am now, there are always trees soaring over the houses. In the bleak winter, their stark skeletons make beautiful patterns against the sky. And this morning, the clouds were making a striking pattern of light and dark overhead. The gray parts of the clouds could have been threatening cold rain, but the lower, white parts were glowing with sunlight.

It reminded me that life always comes with both dark and light clouds. There may be storms coming, and I may be buffeted by the troubles that are a part of every life, but there is always light coming behind it, if I can just hang on long enough to reach it. The glow is just as inevitable as the storm.


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