Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 12

Today, the “person” or “cause” I am thankful for is not exactly either a person or a cause. Today, I am thankful for the Reagle Music Theatre of Greater Boston (

I first performed with Reagle when I started dating my husband. He had performed with them for a number of years, and since I was also a theater performer, it was natural that he would invite me to do a show with him. The show we did was called “It’s ChristmasTime” and is based on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. The binder of music I had to learn was intimidatingly thick, and the blocking and choreography, although not extensive, was a lot to learn in such a short time. Since the show is basically the same from year to year, and includes many of the same performers year after year, the rehearsal process is more of a refresher course than a full-out learning process. I was somewhat (read: completely) overwhelmed, but the performers around me all encouraged me and helped me out, reminding me of costume changes and subtly whispering the name of the next number or the next step when I drew a blank. It was a wonderfully warm and welcoming group and they made the experience so much fun.

In the years since that first show, I have appeared in a number of Reagle productions and have made many friends in the group. As theater friends often do, they have become my family as well as my friends. Ryan and Katie have dozens of honorary aunts and uncles who delight in hearing about their latest exploits and who love to visit with them. Cast parties feel more like family reunions. Despite varying ages, backgrounds, and political leanings, we all enjoy each other's company and can always find common ground.

I am so very thankful for all these people who share the joy of performing with me, and who have become such a dear part of my life.

Three things that I am thankful for today are: a wonderful pediatrician with a nearby office, the smell of my favorite shampoo, and the consistent good manners of a certain young boy who lives in my house. 

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