Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 18

When I got married, there were certain things I knew were included in the package deal. Herb’s “dowry” included a beautiful large house with a swimming pool and a walk-in closet and an extended family of the most fascinating aunts, uncles, and more cousins than I can count. But something that I didn’t realize I was getting was a whole network of new friends. Of course, I knew Herb had a lot of friends that I’d be meeting over time, and I expected that eventually many of them would come to be my friends as well. But what I didn’t expect was that many of them considered me a friend instantly. And among that group is the couple I am thankful for today: Ann and Arthur Sullivan.

There are a lot of solid bases for a friendship: common interests, common political or religious opinions, common upbringing. And I do have quite a bit in common with the Sullivans – a love for theater, music, and performing, enjoyment of entertaining, an appreciation of antiques and historic architecture. But in this case, what brought us together instantly was our shared admiration and respect for Herb.

It was instantly evident to me at our first meeting that Ann and Arthur thought the world of Herb, and that they were delighted at how happy I seemed to make him. And I think they could see that we adored each other, which clearly was in my favor in their eyes. The relationship “proof” went something like, we love him, and you love him, therefore we love you. It was an instant kinship that has only deepened as we have gotten to know each other. We have since spent many delightful and memorable evenings and afternoons together telling stories, sharing some wonderful meals, enjoying theater performances, and just generally enjoying each others’ company.

I am thankful for Ann and Arthur and for their dear friendship.

Arthur and Ryan, Christmas 2009

Another love that Ann and I share is sewing: she made this gorgeous recreation of a circa 1810 gown for the Salem Athanaeum Bicentennial Ball.

Three things I am thankful for today are the beauty of last night’s glorious full moon, the pleasure of old movie musicals (particularly Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ delightful “Swing Time”, which we watched last night), and quiet mornings with a hot cup of coffee.

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