Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 22

Today I am thankful for a cause: James Dobson’s Focus on the Family (

I have listened to the Focus on the Family radio broadcasts since long before I had a family of my own. The wisdom of Dr. Dobson and his guests has guided how I relate to my husband, my children, and everyone around me. His advice on Christian marriage taught me what to look for in a relationship, and I used that knowledge to find my own wonderful, godly husband. His advice on Christian parenting, both through the Focus broadcasts and through his books, “The Strong Willed Child”, “Bringing Up Boys”, and “Bringing Up Girls”, continues to guide me as a parent – and to reassure me that perfection in parenting is not required in order to raise healthy children. I am thankful for the many years he has spent in building up this ministry, and in gathering resources for husbands, wives, and parents. I am thankful for the many volunteers as well as paid staff at Focus on the Family that provide resources to those who seek them. I am thankful that God has given Dr. Dobson the gifts of teaching, strong parenting, and gentle guidance and support of those around him.

Three things I am thankful for today are my children’s health, my husband’s health, and my own health.

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