Saturday, April 12, 2014

Photo A Day, Day 12: On My Left

I don’t have a laptop computer, so close to 100% of my writing is done at my desk, in my office. And since the afternoon is when my son is allowed to have computer time, and the evening is when I usually get chores done around the house, the majority of my writing time at my desk happens in the morning. And as anyone who knows me or who follows my Facebook is well aware, it’s not really morning until I’ve had my coffee. So it’s not surprising that almost any time I am writing at my computer and I look to my left, I will see a sight similar to this one.

I was never a much of a coffee drinker until I was well into my 30s, and even then, I was more of a “social” coffee drinker: I would drink it when I was out for a meal with friends (more likely lunch or dinner than breakfast), or I’d grab a cup at work when I was heading for an afternoon meeting. But once I had children, coffee in the morning became a necessity.

Despite being a necessity, though, it feels like a little luxury, a little treat, a little indulgence. Instead of feeling like I can drag myself out of bed because I know there’s a cup of coffee waiting to get me going, I feel more like I want to get out of bed because there’s something wonderful waiting for me in the kitchen. And there’s always something wonderful waiting for me in my kitchen! Sometimes it’s my husband, sometimes it’s my kids, but always it’s my java.

It’s waiting there for me, right there on my left. 

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