Friday, April 18, 2014

Photo A Day, Day 18: Good

My husband and I have quite a few catchphrases that we repeat to each other on a regular basis. When we both say (or think) the same thing at the same time, we say, “Get out of my head, David Blaine!” When we pull out of the driveway on any kind of a road trip, we announce, “’We’re off!’ the captain shouted!” When one of us makes a clever remark or wise observation, the other one says, “You’re good at this game.” And when a messy or unpleasant situation of some kind gets resolved (or at least, ends), we remark, “It’s all good.”

No matter how nasty things get, once they’re over, it’s all good. My daughter nearly drowned in our swimming pool last year, and the week she spent in the hospital was the worst week of my life. But the day she came home, it was all good. Our family has lost loved ones, some suddenly and unexpectedly and some with weeks or months of preparation, and our hearts were broken, but life goes on and it’s all good. I got laid off and struggled with depression over it, but then I became a stay at home mom, and it’s all good.

Today is Good Friday, which for a Christian is about the worst day ever. God was dead, in a sense. How much worse could anything possibly get than that? And yet, just three days later, Christ arose and our sins were forgiven forever. How much better could anything possibly get than that?

Christ is dead today. But Sunday’s coming, so it’s all good.

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