Thursday, April 17, 2014

Photo A Day, Day 17: Something I Learned

I learned several new things today. One thing I learned is that popsicles come in many more varieties than they did back when I was a kid (back when what I called a “Popsicle” was actually grape juice with a toothpick in it that my mom had frozen in an old ice cube tray). Another thing I learned is that some boxes of popsicles come with highly-prized (by my 4-year-old, anyway) white “mystery flavor” popsicles. Still another thing I learned is that some popsicles come with jokes printed on the stick, much like the beloved Bazooka bubble gum of my youth (and the jokes are just about the same quality).

Want to know the most important thing I learned today? I learned the answer to the question, “What’s the only kind of bone that can make music?” Give up? A trom-bone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I also learned that popsicles will buy me a full 15 minutes of quiet, calm time with no-one yelling my name. 

And that is definitely the most useful something I learned today.

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