Sunday, April 6, 2014

Photo A Day, Day 6: A Taste of Spring

When I think of things you eat that signify spring, I think of fresh herbs and vegetables. But those don’t usually arrive until later in the spring. Edibles that DO arrive at the very start of spring, however, are all the delicious candies and treats associated with Easter: Cadbury crème eggs, jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps, and – in our house, at least – jello eggs.

We have a set of Tupperware molds in the shape of eggs, and it is an annual tradition for either Dad and the kids or Mom and the kids to mix up a bunch of colors of jello, pour them into the molds (occasionally layering the colors for artistic effect), then wait impatiently for them to set so that we can pop the eggs out and nibble the wiggly, fruity deliciousness. 

To me, the bright cheery colors of the eggs remind me of stained glass windows. They glisten in the sun almost like crystals, the colors glowing from within. They remind me of all the bright spring blossoms that will soon be – or already are – bursting forth in my garden and in my neighbors’ gardens. The fresh, fruity, sweet smell combines the best of sugary Easter basket treats soon to come and the green growing things that are finally peeking out of the ground in spring. And the sweet yet tart flavors make my mouth pucker and water, anticipating all the wonderfully fresh and fruity flavors of spring foods.

Jello eggs are my favorite first taste of spring!

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